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​​​​​​​​​FTP TEST:  This is where it all starts, FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. Your FTP is a measurement of how much power (wattage) you can average for one hour of effort on your bike.  This test is commonly assessed indoors through the completion of a 20-minute test. Because sustainable power for this duration will be higher than a full hour, the 20-minute test value is reduced by 5% to determine your FTP training value.  Your FTP number is the base for all of the FTP based workouts at CycleweRx.  

FTP BASED WORKOUTS: Now that we have your FTP set all of the FTP based workout will be tailored your individual fitness level.  This is how we can have 8 people of all different fitness levels workout together. Workouts range from 45 to 90 Minutes to long.  All Workouts start with a Warm Up and end with a Cool Down, in between the workouts will vary from long to short intervals, low to high intensity, low to high FTP% and other cycling measures.

COURSE RIDES:  Our answer to logging the miles.  We have courses that are as short as 10 miles to as long as you need.  Our course selection is from all over the world to local favorites so finding a fun ride should be no problem. These are distance based rides and are not FTP based. Ride time is 1 to 3 hours depending on the length of the course.  

What Do I Need to Bring to Class​
Your bicycle 
Cycling or athletic clothing
Cycling shoes
Two water bottles
Steel ended rear skewer (Available at CycleweRx)   
​Trainer specific wheel is recommended (Available at CycleweRx)
Optional: Sweat Catcher (Available at CycleweRx)    

Cycling Classes

New Riders, Please fill out the Rider Profile Form below so we can have your profile set up for you before you arrive.

New Rider Profile Form

Why Ride Inside.....We all ride bikes for different reasons, but mostly for the experience of riding them outside in great weather enjoying the fantastic landscape in our area.  As the weather in Western NY makes a turn to conditions of RAIN, COLD, WIND  and SNOW that puts your training at a standstill, indoor training offers a controlled environment keeping your training for next spring well within reach. By factoring in the CompuTrainer format driven by PerfPRO Software and our interactive coaching approach, you get defined workouts in a group setting creating a fun dynamic which can be enjoyable and competitive. Regardless of your goals, continuing to include a ride on the indoor trainer once a week is beneficial to continued forward progress. Here are a few reasons you may not want to put that trainer tire too far out of reach.  Many pro-level cyclists and triathletes use CompuTrainer for a good portion of their training in fact studies have shown that CompuTrainer is even more effective as a training tool than outdoor rides. Even if you are new to indoor training the CompuTrainer along with our interactive coaching approach is one of the best ways to help you reach your cycling goals and become a better cyclist.


​Monthly Unlimited Pack: $140 Per Month  Includes Unlimited Rides, On-Site Bike Storage and General Maintenance.

Monthly Unlimited Rides Only: $120 Per Month ​ Unlimited Rides Only bring your bike

​Drop-in Pass: $20 One Ride (Non Lunch Ride)

5 pack CompuTrainer Drop-in Pass: $90  May be used anytime 

10 pack CompuTrainer Drop-in Pass: $170 May be used anytime


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